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experinces with basses as carry on for air travel-help!


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Usually when I go on the road it is by road.....although this time it is for two dates across the country and I must fly.

I play Lull's and there is no way I am going to lose a bass in baggage!

My guitarist has always carried on his Les Paul in a hardshell case no problem.......has anyone ever carried on a bass in a soft case?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes..please take Jeremy's advice and buy an SKB. I travel alot with my bass + ever since I bought this there have been no problems at all. Some airline still allow you to keep your gig bag in the flight attendants closet, but I would not depend on this. I have to play in an international orchestra in Israel soon, and I will pack my bass away into the SKB and have peace of mind. It has little rollers on the end, so it is pretty easy to maneuver around. :cool:












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Well, even the best bass case in the world doesn't stop the idiots from losing it in transit. For example, I had to wait two weeks for my bass to catch up with me when I moved to NZ. It wound up, bizarrely, somewhere in the Emirates.


If the Lull has a bolt-on neck, have you thought about simply dismantling the neck and carrying it in two pieces? A dismantled bass is much more likely to be able to travel as carry-on luggage.

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