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Van Halen to reunite

jeremy c

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Ah, the music of my youth.




Other than re-doing "Running With the Devil" covers, what have they got? Dave looks like pure merde and one wonders if Eddie has anything left in the tank. I got wore out with them after that whole Rock and Roll Hall of Fame debacle.


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Maybe they got fed up of waiting for him to decide which of the (150+) basses he owns to play.


But on the flip side he looks very busy.


I saw Dave Lee Roth at Donington in the late 80's and have never seen a show like it since, simply awesome. Worth going to see just for him.


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No Mike Anthony, no Van Halen.

That's what I say.




For those of you scoring at home, or even if you're by yourself, this is the second time Van Halen has announced a tour this year with Dave. The first one self-destructed very quickly and Dave was reportedly fired again. I doubt they'll even make one show before they implode.


The previous thread on VH Reunion Shows had a link to an article with Michael Anthony where he talked about his departure/firing from the band. Seems Edward did not like the fact that Mr. Anthony was touring with Sammy Hagar - even though Van Halen was doing nothing at the time. That's very "adult" of you, Edward.

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Wolfgang has "Puck" more prominate than Mozart in his appearance.

Valerie should take him along on her Jenny Craig tour.


My feeling... no Anthony no VH. I liked all the singers but Eddie's proven to be a weiner(sp) with his old age.



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I have to agree...w/o Michael, it is still not "Van Halen".


You know, as a young aspiring guitarist 20+ years ago, EVH was my idol...then I remember reading a Guitar Player Mag. interview with him and thought to myself, "Wow, that guy seems kinda like a tool...he ripped on everybody (most notably David Lee) and was just kind of a arrogant prick." And pretty much every story I've read since has supported that notion. Ever since then I have sided with David Lee...been a fan of his. Besides...I can't stand Sammy Hagar's voice...UGH! Who ever told that guy he could sing???

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What really surprises me....other than Jeremy starting this thread....is that anyone really cares. To anyone other than themselves, the band ceased to have any import more than 20 years ago. I have to admit that I was never a fan and was never all that "impressed" with EVH,--tho', to be fair, there was a point early on when he showed signs of being something really special....that quickly ebbed-- Roth or Hagar (actually the guy who impressed me the most would have been Michael Anthony; his vocals pretty much carried things, and his(albeit simple and minimal)bass playing supported it all allowing those others to wallow in their egos....

but, does anyone REALLY care about their "new" project?

My own prediction is for there to be some serious problems with the vocals (and ticket sales).....and in which case Paris Hilton will be recruited to bail the band out on both counts....



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What really surprises me....other than Jeremy starting this thread....is that anyone really cares.




It's not that we care -- it's just hard not to watch, you know?


I mean, it's sort of like those movies like Dodgeball and Benchwarmers -- no matter how many times you see that scene where someone takes one right in the 'nards, it's still funny and you gotta watch it.

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