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instruction books on patches for popular songs


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Does anyone know if there is a compilation with patch settings for classic rock songs for Korg Triton. I am looking for some specific sounds for Prince's "Little Red Corvette" and that great portemento sound on REO Speedwagon's "Riding the Storm Out" There is a great portamento setting on the Triton, but I would like more of a Moog feel for it. A book or video with the settings would be great. Thanks
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First, dig in. Synth programming in general is not that difficult if you're willing to get your hands wet. Both of the patches you mentioned are fairly straightforward, specially the Prince song. If you pick the right analog sounding pad and tweak the amplitude envelope (or the equivalent in Korgish-speak) you'll be pretty close.


I doubt you'll find an 'official' book on this subject.


There are, however, companies specializing (Is Kid Nepro still around?) in 3rd party sounds, and they will eventually release collections decide to emulate specific sounds.


Also check KORG specific forums, I know in the Motifator board a couple of guys were trying to put together a collection just like this for the MOTIF series.

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