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The Hoff's got a talent show?..... hmm...


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Surfing through Youtube (you guys know it's addictive) I came to know there is a TV talent show titled "America's Got Talent" in which some Brit dude, David Hasselhoff and Mrs. Ozzy are the judges. Jerry Springer seems to be the host. I'm not sure I'd trust David Hasselhoff's ability to judge talent, I'm not sure I'd trust something like this. WTF? Springer and Hasselhoff in a TALENT SHOW? :sick::rolleyes:


Why isn't the dude that started that "music is getting ruined by cookie-cutter bands" not outraged by this? J/K! :thu: :grin:


That show is TRULY the demise of Western civilization, LOL!!!! :crazy::freak::P Hahaha.... J/K

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

--from 'Beyond Good and Evil', by Friedrich Nietzsche


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