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buying major label CDs online.


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i want to make my enjoyment of the new smashing pumpkins disc legal. i also wanted to pick up and the glass handed kites by danish space pop group mew


it's been forever since i've bought a CD online -- the vast majority of my music these days comes from emusic.com. is amazon where it's at? are there any good repositories for major label CDs where i won't get ripped off by either the price or shipping? i'm just not excited about buying CDs from best buy.




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I have really been pleased with the quality and fast service with the Amazon "Used" CD's. Not sure how they do it but it works and I usually save 50% -75% on the CD's. My Scottish blood reacts to that.


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i thought american dutch were notoriously cheap. i didn't realize american scots were, too!


Note the origin of Scotch tape:


"In order to cut production costs, 3M attached the adhesive only to the edges of the tape. A remark was made by a St. Paul area automobile detailer that the stingy Scotch bosses need to put more adhesive on it - the name has stuck ever since."




I must be a dinosaur, I have never bought a download! There's something about having the physical CD that appeals to me... What bitrate and compression is standard with commercial downloads?


I too use Amazon and Play. I've noticed high street record shops have really gone downhill in the last few years, CDs have been somewhat sidelined in favour of DVDs and games.



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emusic.com uses a 192k VBR (variable bit rate) encoder for their .mp3s. that maximizes audio quality while minimizing space. there are rare occasions where i still hear the artifacts of the encoding process.


for the money, it's way worth it. i spend $10 a month for 40 tracks. try getting 40 tracks of music anywhere else for that kind of money, especially for the music i listen to the most.


every so often, though, there's a band like mew or malajube who are either major label artists or whose labels don't have an agreement with emusic. then i need to buy a CD, and it always feels like a waste of money, even though i really like the music.



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