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Y/T Buddy Holly


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I still love to listen to Buddy Holly. I even trekked to the Surf Ballroon in Clear Lake, Iowa, the site of his last show before the day the music died. Great clip. I'll take that over 99% of what's out there today...
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I love Buddy Holly. Denise and I played Buddy's greatest hits for Lilly from the time she was born. I still remember her asking for his music by name. :thu: It was only 2001 but seems like a million years ago. (sigh)


That was a cool link, Corner Pocket, but they went overboard with, "Perhaps the last pic Buddy ever played." comment. It was probably accidentally shoved under the pickguard long before the crash and Buddy was simply unconcerned with removing the entire pickguard to reclaim it. ;)

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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