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Your Frankenstein Keyboard! - The Ultimate Rig

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Ever wish you could just take all the bits and pieces of your favorite boards and put em together? Post that setup here, take that old keybed that felt so good, add the fat synths and rich pianos of your favorite boards, and hell, put it in a sweet case and add the perfect pitch wheel, joystick, or d-beam to top it all off. So... whatcha got?

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The keyboard from my FantomX or RD00SX.

Pitch and mod levers from a Rhodes Chroma.

ROMpler abilities of a Kurz 2600.

Analog from a MemoryMoog tied to the auto tune abilities of the Chroma.

Routing and control from both the Chroma and the Kurz.

Touch screen from the Korg M3.

Imagination from the VSynthXT.



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I really think the digital piano as we know it needs to leap forward a generation, so I'd like to see Kawai team up with Muse Research or Open Labs to take the 88-note wood-action keybed of the Kawai MP8 and create an uber softsynth/modelled-piano host. Besides having the ultimate piano sound it should also host other softsynths for layered strings, pads, etc. that could be called up as instantly and easily as most digital pianos can do today. It'll need a few sliders and knobs for assignable controls. I'd also like it to have a great internal speaker system for stage monitoring or practice and a tiltable touchpad digital music display which could hold scanned or imported sheet music (similar to the Freehand Music Pad Pro but better). It should also have MP3/WAV playback capability. I would also include a lo-z mic input so the device could be a vocal processor/harmonizer and have Littlite sockets to allow for gooseneck lights like many mixers have.


And before I get the "sure, if you were willing to pay for all that..." comments, I already paid for all that since I have it in various forms right now. What I want is a consolidated OASYS-class instrument designed specifically to fill the needs of serious performing pianists, as opposed to another synth workstation or a combination of controllers and modules and wires galore like we currently have. No new technology would be required - everything I mentioned is already available... some assembly is required.

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