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Steve Lawson London Gigspam

Phil W

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" Wow, after a bit of a gig drought in London, lots of come in at once, with two of particular note. The first is back at one of my favourite venues - Darbucka in Clerkenwell, playing my first full duo London show with Lobelia - it seems mad to have toured all over Europe and the US but not have played a full gig here... Anyway, it's now happening and it's unmissable! And if that wasn't enough, on the same bill I'll be playing with Monk, AKA Ric Hordinski - Ric is a stunning singer/songwriter and soundscape-y guitarist, formerly of Over The Rhine, produced an award-winning album for Phil Keaggy and is generally fabulous. So both of those for just £6.00 on August 22nd.


Straight after that is Greenbelt in Cheltenham, where I'm playing with Lobelia, Monk, Sarah Masen and a The Recycle Collective, which will feature Me, Lobelia, Ric Hordinski, Andrea Hazell and Patrick Wood - pretty much a perfect RC line-up!


August 28th (the day I get back from Greenbelt) I'm at The Spitz playing at an Arctic Circle gig, along with Hauschka and Max Richter. Will be fab, for sure.


August 31st Lobelia and I are both playing at Freedom Of Expression 3 in Marylebone. half hour set each.


And then, on Sept 6th, THE RECYCLE COLLECTIVE IS BACK!! Hurrah! It's moved to the Vortex, in Dalston, and the first one back will be me, Cleveland Watkiss and Andrea Hazell - anyone who witnessed the post-gig mutual appreciation society that these two formed the last time they were on together at the RC (for the final improv of the last show of 2006) will know just how much they admire eachother's music, so the combination of them for a full set will be magical.


And then on into September there's one, possibly two, gigs in Milton Keynes! It's all go in StevieWorld..."


From Steve's MySpace Bulletin

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wow, each time i come here to post some news, phil's got there first with it - thanks Phil!! That's great.


The london gigs would be a great chance for a meet-up, particularly the Darbucka one, as it's such a cool place to hang out, and you get to hear me in two situations, doing my looping thing with a singer, and then playing proper bass in an actual band!


In other news, I've moved to South London, Herne Hill to be precise, so if any of y'all want lessons, that's where i am now - e-me for more.


AND (as if the gigs and teaching wasn't enough), there's a summer sale going on in my webshop, and the three 'Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline' albums (originally 3 very limited edition CDs that came with my last three solo albums) are available as downloads for just £2.50 each (that's $5 US) - head over to www.stevelawson.net/zencart/ to get those... You'll thank me. ;)






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