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Bass Tech Help


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Ok, I have been playing this instrument for almost 3 years now and I know I can play the instrument however I haven't a clue what to do when it comes to repairing it, replacing strings, etc. So can anyone give me some advice on these things? Also, I really need to reapair my bass soon. It keeps making a distorted buzzing sound when I play it. (I really, really need help on ths the most).


Also, how do I know when I have to replace my strings and anyone have a suggestion for what kind of strings I should use?


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Fish, you have opened up a very large can of worms. You can use the search function on the top of this page and find all the information you need on strings and their attributes.


I am sorry I cannot be of more help, I am at work, so posting is to be kept at a minimum :)




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Replacing strings? I do it whenever one breaks, or a aweek before a really really big gig, whichever comes first.


Lately, it's been when they break :(



Paul K

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As for when to replace strings? It depends on how often you play, I guess.


There really are too many things to consider when it's time to change strings, and hell, even WHAT strings to buy. It's all a matter of preference. Cost? How many instruments? I have a total of 10 instruments, so when I change strings, it's usually an all day chore as I'll change them all (or most) at the same time. Perhaps that's why I can tolerate older strings on my instruments longer than some... it gets expensive quick!


A few suggestions though:


1) What players do you admire for their tone? Look them up and see what strings they use. That might be a good place to start if you want a similar tone.


2) This site has a string comparison for many brands; is also a good place to start if you know what tone you are after.




3) Stainless steel vs. Nickel/nickel plated


(in general)

Stainless will last longer, have a brighter tone, and since they are of a harder metal, can eat away at your frets and fretboard (fretless) quicker... maybe even fingertips.


Nickels tend to ware out quicker, have a warmer tone, and are of a softer metal so they are easier on fretboards/frets (though that's just what I've read, my first set of nickels is going on this weekend).


4) Roundwounds vs. Flatwounds vs. Half/Ground wounds


Roundwounds are great all-around strings. Usually bright and punchy attack. Flatwounds will give you a warmer, rounder tone, sometimes even an upright bass tone with the right settings/technique. I've never used half/ground wound strings, but they are supposed to be somewhere inbetween rounds and flats.


I think I've typed enough LOL... hope that's a good starting place for ya. Hello! And welcome to the lowdown!

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Ok, I have got all the info I need about strings but I still really need to know whats wrong with my bass. It buzzs when I play it and I know its know the amp. It's also cutting out.


Could be either you cable, try another one, or the socket - do you mean buzzing, or crackling? - there's a difference.


If it's buzzing, you could be meaning the strings buzzing off the frets, or if not that, it could be a bad ground and you'll get buzzing from that, but if it's crackling then it could be a bad join on the aforesaid cable, ot the jack socket might need replaced - not a difficult job if you can solder.


Hope this helps. Maybe if you could read more in the forum & get the vocabulary more accurate we could help you more.



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Some people change strings on a daily basis. It is rumored that Anthony Jackson changes strings every take!


Some people go many years without changing strings: Duck Dunn falls into that group.


Generally, people who play flatwound strings leave them on for long periods of time. People who play roundwound strings change them when they go dead.


When they go dead depends on what string you chose, what your hand chemistry is like, how many hours you play, and what your budget for buying new strings is.


If you are getting tired of the sound of your bass, changing strings is often the cheapest and quickest solution to the problem.

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Welcome Fish, My addition to the info mentioned above is: try to learn how to set up and maintain your bass yourself. It will add to your enjoyment of the instrument. Most players can do almost all needed setup and repair. It allows you to tweek your bass to your liking and save you a lot of money over the years.

Rocky :wave:

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