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RE: Cleaning gunk off metal hardware on a Peavey Bass


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I got a handyman special. I gotta take every piece of metal hardware off the guitar for a major PM job.


I was given a 1 piece neck/body Peavey Bass (dyna bass series?). The hardware is that black looking metal. It really needs a serious cleaning but I don't know what to use without compromising the shine or stripping the color of the pieces (bridge and machines,etc).


The tuning machines aren't that grimey but the bridge and individual saddles look mad "sticky" as if he left the guitar on the kitchen table while he cooked ham and eggs (for real!!).


I got lemon oil for the fretboard (ebony) and the body. This guitar will be mint when I'm done with it. The neck is in good condition and so is the natural wood of the body.


Can someone post me a reply about what cleaning fluids I could use?



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FYI, naptha is also known as lighter fluid. Ronsonal (yellow bottle w/ blue writing) and Zippo are common brand names. You can also buy the stuff in gallon cans at some hardware stores.
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Stating the obvious here, but lighter fluid is extremely flammable -- use in a well-ventilated area away from any open flame.


Like, NOT in your basement near the furnace -- you don't want to be there when the heater kicks on.

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Most "Black" hardware is plated with black chrome. Black chrome is fairly indestructable like white chrome. Any cleaning fluids such as "lighter fluid" should not cause any problems. Paint thinners, BBQ starter fluids, etc. will also work well.


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Windex does a great job too, and isn't flammable. Let the parts soak in it, then use the toothbrush, as with the lighter fluid method.

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