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Poll, but No Poll

Chad Thorne

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I was going to post a poll for this, but apparently they're not enabled...


The question is: As a bass player, do you find yourself in the "technical wizard" camp, e.g., Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Anthony Jackson - you live to shred; or are you more a "groove" player, i.e., couldn't care less if you never play a flashy bass lick as long as the groove is tight? (Not that the two are mutually exclusive, but you know what I'm getting at.) I find myself more in the latter camp; one thing I really appreciate about playing bass vs. playing guitar is how absolutely absorbing and compelling a bass line can be even if it's not particularly difficult to play, as long as it's played right , ya know? Being a "lead" guitar player can be a lot of pressure; my bass motto is, "No pressure - all groove."


So how about you?



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I'm a groove player also. I have no desire to have any spotlights on me. I'm happy sitting on a stool in the back, next to the Drummer and "nailin the groove". Most of my music is Western Swing dance music, and if folks dance so much that their clothes are soaked with sweat from dancing to every song, then I have done my job and done it well.


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I lack the technical wizard skills to be in that group. I seem to go between groove and fill-thrower.


It's been my band and this forum that has moved me toward groove playing. It's been a big improvement.




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I'm a slow bass player, so I couldn't be on the first group.


But like someone once said, a bass player needs to hear fast not play fast




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I thought this was a fishing topic. Get it? Poll . . .


Like Tom, this forum has propelled me into pocket groove playing.

Jeremy was instrumental in this as were many others here at the lowdown. Less is more!

Oh I still like to cut loose once in awhile but my days of "lead bass" are way over. Now I concentrate on emulating the drummer and being the bad-ass-bottom-end-meister that I am.

BTW, I'm humble too!

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I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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