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After way too much thought, bought an ES7

Bill H.

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I've been pulling what's left of my hair out trying to decide on this one for too long.


The S90ES is too big.

The ES6 is too small.

The price difference between an ES6 and ES7 is too large, and the ES7 is still synth action to boot.

The XS left me cold.

The MO8 is too crippled.


Of all the choices, the ES7 seems to have the least amount of disadvantages for my purposes. I actually think I can gig with it subbing as my main piano at times... the country gigs and some other low-profile things.


Today I found they have a few new full warranty ones left at MusiciansBuy for $1349 with free shipping. I impulsively bought one. This is not in my character, but it could take months to find one at the right price on eBay. And craigslist... I've never seen an ES7 listed in Seattle-Tacoma or Portland-Vancouver.


Anyway, wish me luck.

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Bill, congrats on the purchase. :thu:


You have been debating a new board for a while. Welcome to Motif-dom. Enjoy it! :cool:



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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Thanks Prof. Now I've got to wait a week for it to show up. I'm pretty sure I'll be using it a lot though. I've always liked the Motif ES series in theory. They just never built one the way I wanted 'em to. ;)


You know (and you guys have been saying the same thing):

76 weighted keys

Under 40#

Internal power supply... that sort of thing.


I'll mix it in with my Rolands. I'm looking to get out of my Roland rut. It'll work as a diversion if nothing else. And the price is right.

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Congratulations! The ES series is indeed fine. I've had my way with all 3 of the ES keyboards at some point in my GAS-laden musical landscape. Had the ES7, but needed weighted keys...leading to the S90, which has been a keeper for many years now. Also had the ES8 for a few months, but too big for gigging. Not long ago, I got an ES6 on closeout and it works great as a rehearsal board.


One of these days, I may just break down and update my S90 to an S90ES, unless the S90XS is announced in the meantime.


I still wish Yamaha would make an S76ES with weighted keys and wheels above the keyboard.


Enjoy your ES7!!!!




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I almost did what you did eric. The ES6 is currently at a very seductive price. I'm actually paying a lot for those 15 extra keys. But I've noticed that even used, the ES7's price just isn't dropping the way the ES6 is. I'm not sure what it is with Yamahas ... the price difference between a 61 and 76 key Triton Extreme or Fantom X is much smaller.
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Enjoy the ES7. It's a great board with lots of potential.


I had the ES7 but I sold it and bought the ES6. I miss my ES7 though, as it could substitute as my main axe on some gigs. But, the ES6 is easier to transport and makes for a good second board in a two board rig.



Gear: Yamaha MODX8, Mojo 61, NS2 73, C. Bechstein baby grand.

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I criticize the Motif a lot for the OS, but I keep my ES6 around because if I start gigging again it will make a great second keyboard. I wanted an ES8 at the time but could not justify the price difference. The ES8 was more than the ES6 + a decent 88 note controller.



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I miss my ES7 though, as it could substitute as my main axe on some gigs.


This is what I'm thinking. I could have easily done last Friday night, a non critical job to be sure, with one 76 key board.


One board means a lot more than just making less trips in and out of the club. It's the difference between taking the Quest or the Elantra. And gas is still over $3 around here.

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