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Bill Fitzmaurice Omni 15 TallBoy


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For those that want an amazingly loud and deep cab with near-flat response for very little money, and are willing to wield a circular saw, there's nice new BFM design out:




"On average 4dB higher in sensitivity than a reflex box, the Omni uses less than half the watts to reach the same volume level. The 100dB/watt average sensitivity from 40 to 100 Hz is as good as most 15 or even 18 inch subs. On electric bass the Omni has deeper lows than the average 2x15, stronger mids than the average 2x10, and unsurpassed highs. Keyboard players will love the low register authority. I challenge you to find a commercial speaker that delivers this kind of performance for less than a thousand dollars. You can build one for less than three hundred fifty bucks.


"The narrower footprint of the 20 inch wide, 39 inch high O15 TallBoy is stage friendly in smaller clubs, and gives better projection over the audience in PA applications, while delivering the same response as the original. The 31 plan pages include 26 photos and 41 diagrams."


"If you're a bass player who finds the bottom end of a 4x10 lacking this chart compares the O15F to a typical 4x10:


http://billfitzmaurice.com/images/SPL/Omni15/4x10.gif "


Worth a head's up, I thought!





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