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I know there must be a thread on these guys, but the search engine only goes back eight months.


Anyway, I was watching a film of some concert they did (it was a great night of television: Spiderman 1, The Blair Witch Project and this Oasis concert!).


Anyway, I was wondering why a lot of you classic rock guys don't like them more. After all, Oasis is a band that DOES write songs "just like they used to", and even though they seem to have struck "their wilderness years" a few years ago, even their crap, recent stuff still has a nice sense of melody and decent songwriting.


SO! What's wrong with Oasis, then? :)


In this vid, they made the tactical error of finishing the concert with a VERY ropey cover of the Who's My Generation. The Who they're definitely not. So that's one thing I dislike about them. And yeah, they come across like a bunch of louts, but then a lot of 70s bands did too. But history has been indulgent and described those bands as "good ole boys" who were not adverse to the occasional punch-up.


Maybe I'm afraid of seeming like those old hippies that go "Everything you kids do, we did better. And with more style!" Surely if Beatlesque songwriting was good back then, and people still enjoy it, there can be nothing wrong with a band being Beatlesque?


And anyway, they seem to have finally left 1965 and entered the 70s.

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im 20, so probably on the younger side of the forum. I have, or had, the albums "Be Here Now" and "Whats the Story Morning Glory".


I like both of those alot, heard an album after the Be here now one and not so much...havent heard anything too new.


One of the bands i can put in and sing along with, which i like to do.

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I liked their first cd at the time, wasn't much interested in their later stuff, just didn't do it for me. They did do a great cover of I Am The Walrus. Noel Gallagher always struck me as being more genuine than Liam.


My theory is that the UK music press was getting tired of the US grunge type bands getting all the glory so they invented what became "Brit-pop" to promote British bands.

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For me personally, I like Oasis but I hate whoever their producer/engineers are in the studio. "What's The Story Morning Glory" (the album) is quite good, but the songs that really rock hard are a cacophanic mess. For me at least a big mish mash with most of the instruments rendered almost indistinct. I have found the same problem in a sampling of their other albums. Your mileage may vary, of course.


In any event, it kind of stopped me digging further. Sometimes Noel's songs just get buried, and I think he's pretty talented.





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I always wanted to like Oasis, but.... they just don't do it for me.


Can't pinpoint what doesn't work. The guitar tones are sometimes great, the nasal vocals work most of the time, the hooks are pretty good. The sum of the parts just doesn't equal up to the promise, IMHO.


On a modern "classic rock" theme, I feel The Darkness pulls it off better. The vocals can be annoying, but they just seem to be having so much fun and they transmit that in the music. This is all subjective though and that's just my opinion. But as Neil says, "That's my opinion and it outta be yours!"



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I liked their early stuff, when they claimed to be taking up where the Beatles left off, but Beatles they are not!!


To these ears, their stuff quickly degenerated into the same nasal drawl whatever you listened to, maybe their recent stuff is a mite more melodic, but no-one's playing it.


And yes, Vince, there are one or two louts in there somewhere!! :)



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