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DRM Manifesto - Will your music be worth anything...?

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Has anyone here read the "Moses Avalon - DRM Manifesto for Everyone Who Isn't Paying Attention"...?




(And you can also read it in the July issue of EQ magazine.)


It counters a lot of the Steve Jobs rambling that is trying to separate YOU from your Copy/Royalty Rights.


A lot of the "young guns" are so anti major-label...and quick to cheer on the demise of the big record companies....

...but the reality is that Steve Jobs, the Yahoo's, the MySpace and YouTube Internet giants are going to end up being the new "major labels"...

...only trouble is....they will be distributing YOUR music for free (if they have their way) ...for next to nothing.

And...how will that benefit the millions of new artists who think it is the current major labels who stand between them and sales-success...?


Musicians need to wake up quick and realize what is really happening to their music on the Internet Information Super Highway.......


If the major record labels die, and the "Yahoos" take over...any real $$$ value associated with music will also die/disappear.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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