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The point

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I have bene playing guitar for about over a year now, and honestly I feel as if it's one of the worst things I ever started doing. I never realized there was this much too music, and I mean today theres just no point in pursuing any kind of career in being a musican in my opinion. Even if you go to college and study music, it dosen't assure you anything. I just never realized, I mean it' not even about playing anymore, am I better then when I started? Yes, but it dosen't make me feel good about myself or anything. Long story short I think music sucks
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Well, if you hate it, then by all means, sell the guitar and forget it.


I have a feeling you came into this expecting to be a master of the instrument within a few months of study. That's just not even close to being a realistic goal (unless you spend 6+ hours a day doing nothing but practicing the guitar)


So you gain no enjoyment playing songs that you are capable of playing? Again, if you're not feeling it, then no, it's not worth the effort. I'd estimate maybe 5% of all the people in the world who pick up an instrument ever make a living playing it. Most of us do it for the passion.

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