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YEEHA! We're Performing at the Olympics!

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Just got the news this week, my band ( [url=http://www.puddlestone.net]www.puddlestone.net[/url] ) has been hired to play two sets at the upcoming Winter Olympics here in Salt Lake City!! We're doing one set on a stage set up on Main Street, and another set on a stage in front of the Courthouse (Washington Square). These will be outdoor gigs in Utah in February, but at only an hour or so apiece hopefully we can keep our fingers working in the cold. I don't imagine we'll be televised (they save that for the "big name" groups) but I'll repost when I know the schedule. I know I'll never have a record contract, so this is definitely my "15 minutes" coming up and I'm psyched!! Woohoo!!!!


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Congratulations! Make sure to tell us how things go. You could probably solve your temperature problem by renting a lot of tube gear and keeping it on stage with you... :D It wouldn't necessarily have to be "Fletcher-grade," as it would only be for the warmth of the musicians, not their signal. :D -Danny

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