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Here's an idea - why don't you create few new forums for the leading DAW's, modertaed by you expert that uses them daily. I'm a cubase user that planing to move over to logic. I did find a great Cubase forum but all the logic forum I found seemed week. It will be nice to have a place to get answers from pro that uses the software on daily basis. How know, since your forum is so populer maybe you'll be able to attract representors from the companies to help.... Thanks Danny :D

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Not a bad idea Danny, but most of the manufacturers have dedicated forums for their software, and there's several privately moderateed user's forums already on the 'net for just about any DAW program you can think of. For Logic, check out: http://www.swiftkick.com/toolkit.html http://www.pc-pubs.demon.co.uk/fgellinks.htm Maybe one master forum on musicplayer for DAW users would be nice, and maybe a second one for SIAB users (all in one hardware DAW's - "Studios In A Box"). But again, most of these products are already well represented on other internet groups, and general questions are covered on several of the MP forums. Phil O'Keefe Sound Sanctuary Recording Riverside CA http://members.aol.com/ssanctuary/index.html pokeefe777@msn.com
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