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I bought a fantom xa over the weekend and I'm having the nuttiest polyphony problems.


I had 8 tracks sequenced, mainly single hit drums. I tried to record some strings over them, and I started to get polyphonic drops.


For a board with 128 polyphony this seems very strange. The demo songs in the board are way more orchestrated than what I was doing and those play fine.


Not only that, I then tried to use the majestic strings patch by itself and it cut off with a 6 note chord.


Does anybody have experience with a fantom xa that can help me???


My main questions are:


1. Am I doing something, or have something set wrong, and that's why I'm getting dropout after so few tracks. (I've done all the polyphonic mathematics and I should be well under an overload.)


2. How many patches have users been able to sequence before they started getting drops?


3. Do you think that there is something wrong with this board and I should take it back???


I've been using an old Alesis 6.1 for the past 4 years. I've never had a single problem with polyphonic dropout...even with 16 tracks banging away at a huge number of notes.


Since I haven't upgraded boards in a while, is this just something I have to deal with now that boards have patches that contain up to 4 tones and wav's.

I've always worked out my whole midi sequence, then bounced it down to a two-track recording...

Do I now have to start recording each midi part to it's own audio track so I don't overload the polyphonic count????


This just seems lame that an old keyboard that sounds just fine, can play so many more notes at once.


If I can only bang 8 tracks of single note/hit drums out of this thing at once without overload, it seems to be nowhere even worth it.





I've been told by many folks, that 128 voice poly should be more than enough to do what I want to do with this board, and that they've never had drop out?





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Local Control inside the board??? I believe I do, but I'm at work right now, but will try that as soon as I get home? could that be overloading things for me?


The tech at Roland also told me to try and see if there's a Midi Loop occuring from my Timepiece AV.


Why would local control be screwing things up?

To further explain, I have a Timepiece AV with a D4, Alesis 6.1, Proteus 1000, and the Fantom XA all connected. Through Motu's Free-Midi I've set up all connections, and I'm sequencing using Digital Performer. The other modules, and boards work perfectly, but I've never had a problem like this?


Any other suggestions if this doesn't work?


Thanks for the quick response.


I have til Friday to return this thing, if indeed there's a problem with the board.





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If Local Control is on, you will get the sequencer triggering 2 voices for every note played, ie: if each note you play has 4 tones, you will use 8 per key pressed. You have to disconnect the keyboard from the Xa's sound engine.

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