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O/T Short Easter story


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Yes, this is real short. :grin:


So yesterday the wife and I got slicked up for the 11:00 o'clock Sunday Easter service at a church we've NEVER been to.


The wife was looking good and I had on the dress slacks, polished shoes, tie with jacket!

Man, I was lookin' good!! :grin:


So we're on the grounds of the church, still on the side walk, when I realize....OMG...my fly is down!!

Yes that's right. The barn door is wide open! http://www.1solo.com/images/cow2.gif:eek:


So I'm going to do the QUICK ZIP UP...but there's a family of 5 walking right towards us.

So then I thought...I'll do the QUICK SPIN AROUND ZIP UP...so I did.

When I stopped after zipping up....and looked up....there were 2 women sitting in an SUV...staring right at me and laughing like hell. :(


Damn it...some days you just can't win for losing! :grin:



"Just play!"
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