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OT: Mythbusters tries for the "brown" note!


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The myth busters are trying to make someone have a BM with sound. Its about to start on the Discovery Channel. Preview looks like it has about 18 18" speakers pointed at the guy and they are all moving about 2-3 inchs.


I'll let you know what happens.







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Well, I build speakers, and I can tell you for certain, high SPLs at very low frequencies can do some very interesting things. I've been in vehicles loud enough to make you queasy, and even make it impossible to breathe. 160+dB is no joke.


As for the "brown note", I'd say that it is entirely plausible, but it wouldn't necessarily be the same frequency for everyone, since it's essentially a function of sympathetic resonance, and whatever part of the body it is that relates to this function will have a different mass and density in each person, and therefore a different sympathetic resonance.


There's also the issue of simple excursion capability. Let's say you have 18" subwoofers. Figuring an actual piston diameter of, say, 16", that gives you a cone area of 201 square inches. Say you have 18 of them, you have an effective cone area of 3618si.


Now, let's say that each one woofer is capable of 25mm of travel in each direction. That's about the physical limit in a traditional speaker basket, since beyond that, things start colliding. A traditional basket can support as much as maybe 30mm, in reality, but an inch is 25.4mm, which makes the math easier, so humor me!


That would give the array a peak-to-peak displacement capacity of 7,236 cubic inches, or 4.1875 cubic feet. I can also tell you from the size of those enclosures, that it's very highly unlikely that they are designed to yield truly impressive response below about 20Hz.


Something like this, on the other hand, would probably be quite a bit more effective. It drives a 48" x 48" cone, with a FOOT of travel. That's 16 cubic feet of displacement. I believe the tested specs revealed an output of over 120db in free air, with NO enclosure, at 4 Hz. I have a feeling it might get the job done.




This is a prototype of the Parthenon driver, made by Adire Audio.

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