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Your Fav. Zombies songs:

Dr. Ellwood

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For Sure! there is so much going on in his music, so much about harmony and putting together a song, it's good to go back and listen! But Rod with the Zombies was great, great ideas, great writing, really great live performance, Rod was the one that first got me to change my keyboard style and appreciate what could be done combining simutanious keyboard with guitar seamless ONE SOUND arrangements.
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"Hold Your Head Up". OK, technically not the Zombies, but definitely my fav. Rod Argent song.


"Time of the Season" is good. "She's Not There" is a great song, but I've always preferred the Santana/Coster version (from Moonflower) to the Zombies original.



GP sacred cow of the year: Jimmy Vaughan
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I still enjoy playing "She's Not There" and hope to do it in our coffeehouse band... not a serious HOMAGE TO GENIUS or anything, but because it's fun to play and listen to.. and our audiences are there for a nice night on the town, not as a profound cultural experience.. if it IS that for some of them, it's by accident!


Of course, I'll probably play the solo on mandolin, not guitar, and if people can't appreciate the profound insight in doing so, well, if they can't take a joke, then .....


PS Thanking Elwood for posts is not necessarily a good idea... it only ENCOURAGES him!

I DID enjoy hearing them doing that tune and "Time of the Seaon" on PBS recently, and agree that Rod plays nice keyboard solos.

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