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Tradition MTB 400 Bass ? any opinions


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Hi Trill


They are $279 on Ebay. (Search "Tradition Bass Guitar")


Believe it or not, I was playing one of them today. My local pawnshop is actually a dealer. They are in line with low end Ibanez ...I imagine they come from the same factory. The pickups on the two that I tried are noisy to the point of being microphonic. If you are looking for a used bass in the $350.00 range, you can do a lot better than this.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Hey Trill:


I don't know if you like a more P-bassish bodystyle, but the G&L L-2000 Tribute (4-string) or L-2500 Tribute (5-string) can be had used for about $350-400 and $400-450, respectively. IMHO, these are an absolute bargain for what you get. Go to G&L's site (www.glguitars.com), and take a listen to the American L-2500 sound clips...it's very versatile, you can get a little P-bass out of it, you can get a little J-bass out of it, and a whole bunch of tones in between (most of which are actually useable tones!). I've got a L-2500 Tribute, and I really like it...the only diff I can tell with an American model is the finish...it's just good rather than extravagent. They sound exactly the same to me, and these Korean models don't get a whole lot of respect (for no reason), so they sell quite cheap.




Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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