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OT: Rubik's Cube for 1 Hour= Stronger Fingers

Professor Monkey

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I can't see why it would strengthen the fingers, it's more of a wrist movement, isn't it?


And yeah, I agree with Sas... if you want to strengthen your fingers for playing the guitar, you may as well practise your playing rather than hope for some side effect benefit from Rubik's cube. :)


But if you can work out the Cube, good for you! I never managed it.



Hey, did anyone like his NEXT puzzle, "Rubik's Magic"? I spent a while trying to work that one out too, but the puzzle wasn't very intuitive by nature. I think I spent most of my time trying to work out what one was supposed to achieve.

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In all seriousness....


I've never been a computer person. HATED COMPUTER!! :grin:


Until 3+ years ago some friends got me into computer based recording, the only thing I'd ever done was surf the web and check emails.


Since then, my typing speed has gone up from about 20wpms, to now about 85wpm!

I was taught to type long ago so I type properly, not chicken peck.

My point here is...the manual dexterity factor has gone up immensely!


It's helped my guitar & keyboard playing.


Go figure. :grin:



"Just play!"
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Bigfoot: Too bad you cant bring a nice guitar to school :(


Kramer: If you speedcube (Going for the fastest time) then you use your fingers only. Never using the whole hand.


Stratergy: I did play piano for awhile.. I didnt really like it but I can see how it already gives me a big start on playing. I cant say Ive done a lot in 5 months but I cant say im behind either..

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I can see Rubik's cube being a source of alternative dexterity training. Remember, die-hard weightlifters use free weights in addition to machines because of the added benefit of enhancing their balance under pressure, something machines can't provide because the weight is held in line. Doing Rubik's cube provides a different set of exercises for your fingers from those you do when playing guitar. Plus, it challenges your mind in a different way. Good to train your brain. :thu:


Finally, as others have mentioned, you can bring a Rubik's cube places you can't always bring (or use) a guitar. Neat idea! I'll have to re-learn it. I learned to do Rubik's cube in 1980. I never did learn how to do it really fast. Some of those record setters are simply mystifying.


Tell me this, SlvrDragon50, how do you approach the solution?


The way I learned was:


  1. Finish a single side with its 4 edges correct. I put this finished side to the bottom.
  2. Line up the centers of the adjoining sides with the finished edges.
  3. Place and orient the edges between the aligned centers so 2/3 of those sides were complete.
  4. Line up the top edges connected with the last side
  5. Finally, move and spin the corners until they were properly oriented.


It seems to me that nobody could approach it the same way I did and get the insanely short completion times, so I assume there's some shortcut in how you solve it I'm missing. Any thoughts?

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Fantastic: It sounds like you do the fridich method.. You solve the first two layers at once right? I solve mine layer by layer using a working corners method. My friends use teh same method as you so they are faster than me.


One of my friends is actually ranked 72nd in the nation (16 seconds official, 14 unofficial)


Taz: WOuld you bring a nice guitar to school?

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Rubiks cubes make me really mad because I can never solve them. Those things leave major dents in walls.


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i also had the flat Rubik puzzle that had three interlocking rings printed on the face it was held together with "fishing line". i finally figured it out and could go from F'ked up to finished in about 8 moves.


Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about. It was called "Rubik's Magic".

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