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Who's from DFW?


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30th Annual Dallas Guitar Show.


I'm taking a dozen instruments down and am needing help again. Will include long hours and low pay, plus your working pass, which includes a bunch of concerts. A local resident gets first consideration.


Also, watch the PRS vid on the guitar show website ("Holy Grail" ). This should be a GREAT guitar show.


Email or call me on my toll free if you're interested.



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Dave, how did the Ft.Worth show treat you? Was it well attended? Last time I went I was a little disappointed in the turnout. It was mostly dealers trading stuff.


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Do you mean the fall Arlington show? Turnout was a bit lower than I expected...but I sold more instruments than I thought I would.


This spring show looks like it will be better. Much more heavily promoted, and much better concerts, special events, etc. You never know til the fat lady sings.....

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