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Babicz acoustic guitars?

Eric VB

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More interesting is the way that the neck adjusts.


Really, I pick guitars by their sound, not by their bells and whistles. These are interresting an unique looking guitars and they sound alright, but at the moment they are not up to the standards of Collings, Santa Cruz, et al that are currently catching my ear.



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I never played one, but I heard a guy play one at an open mic gig.


Apart from the rather stunning look of the string setup...it was really just another guitar.

There were other guys playing regular acoustics that sounded better, IMO.


But then...you probably have to experience it for yourself to make a fair decision.


I think they look really sharp...but I really don't believe that the string setup makes much difference to anything (don't know about any other features).

IMO, the importance of the strings begins at the nut and ends at the bridge. That is where the energy from the strings enters the body.

What happens outside of those points is insignificant.



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I've had a lot of experience with Babicz guitars and I really dig them. The sound is different than a Martin or a Gibson, for sure. The Babicz seems to have more string to string separation for a more "modern" sound, if that makes any sense. It's a great tone for fingerpicking--tons of detail. The neck adjustment works just like they say--it's pretty amazing and now you're seeing more high-end builders adopting similar neck adjustment systems (like Rick Turner, for instance). I'm a big fan of Babicz guitars. Definitely worth a look if you're in the market for an acoustic.

Matt Blackett

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Guitar Player Magazine

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