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Feeling the lowdown love ...


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Once again proving that this forum is more than just a virtual community, I just got home from playing a show that was attended by no less than five other denizens of this strange little community of bassists.


I was honored and more than a little flattered to have the following show up at the Bitter End on a "school night:"

BenLoy (with all the grace, but less facial hair, than I remembered)

Sweet Willie (cat's away, mouse will play)

Tom Capasso (seemingly saddened to be unbesotted by beer, or any other liquids)

57pbass (whom I haven't seen since our Sadowsky tour)

getz76 (who I believe has now seen more of my shows in NYC than my wife has)


Really great to see all of these guys - and particularly because this will likely be my last gig for a while, as my wife and I are expecting our second baby in short order. Also great to have friendly faces out there, because apparently the band's crowd was thinned by the Passover holiday ...


Ben and I were chatting a bit (to the extent the band after allowed it) about how things have been somewhat sleepy around here of late ... but thinking a bit in the cab home, I was reminded of why I continue to check in on this board, nonetheless: There are really good people here, and seeing these five, fine guys out there was proof of that.


Thanks to everyone for coming out - barring a foot put down by a very pregnant wife, I'll see you at Ben's show on Thursday night.

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Sorry I missed it, but work and my own young'un kept me away.

Glad you had a good show.


It's definitely a good crowd around here, new software or not.


Congrats Ken on the new little one.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Great set, signore. Your rig sounds grand for that electric cello. And your skillz, well, they are beyond solid.


I like the MtG sound, and I really dug the steady groove of Clancy the percussionist.


It was indeed great to see the fellahs come out in force, and I look forward to Thursday, even if I may be a bit late.


Word to the forum.



--Dub $$




Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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What Ken didn't add was that Getz brought two friends, one of whom brought a female companion, and Willie brought his friend Dan Cooper.


It was a fine night of friends hanging low. I find that I long for more time to chat - it never seems enough.


It was a fine night of music. I was there for Erin Hill (who has sang and played with the Fab Faux - 57pbass talked to her afterward), who mixed Irish folk harp, Italian opera, and modern alt (she's her own thing, but I sensed a subtle touch of Kate Bush). It was quite good. And there was Brianna Sage - straight-ahead rock with the slightest touch of country (less than what we'd think of as country rock). The bass player layed it down thick and smooth, and Clancy the drummer (who also played percussion for Michal) was driving the band (and singing harmony). I was singing along (harmony) and tapping my foot.


Michal was great as usual. The band was great as usual, and Ken's cello lines cover a lot of ground. Some songs have cello lines that you think came from classical masters, then he starts soloing, and it's off the scale. And the whole time his technique looks so cool. He uses lots of effects (listening to him play a lead line through a POG and discomBOBulator was a trip) and covers lots of sonic territory.


Like Getz and I said, Michal is in heavy rotation. And despite people like me and Getz showing up repeatedly, I don't think Michal realizes that people dig the music as much as we do. I showed her that she is on my mp3 player, and she seemed quite surprised.


I took some camera/phone pics, which are of little quality, but do record the event. Not all band members survived my shakey hand.




Our own music-man:






Erin Hill:



Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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It was indeed a very enjoyable evening spent with fellow LDers. The music was excellent..


Michal has a great stage presence and a beautiful voice..


Ken is an awesome talent ...

amazing intonation and a beautiful feel for the tunes...

Michal did acknowledge his contributions to the songwriting process and it really sets them apart from many of the local acts... just great stuff..

I was sorry that the set was only 45 minutes..but thats life in the big city..


BTW..The Bitter End is the club where Willie Weeks did his great bass solo with Donnie Hathaway ...many years ago.. its a great club with a nice staff...


Tom..the pictures look great...


Look forward to Thursdays Ben Loy gig...


and we anxiously await the fist local show featuring our beloved Mod --- Sweet Willie...


Great to see everyone and look forward to Thursday night...





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I will second Tom's comments regarding Michal the Girl. She is honestly one of the few voices I do not grow tired of; a really nice talent.


She also happens to be a down-to-earth and nice person. I am not convinced that she is convinced that there are genuine fans of the music and not just friends of Ken and the gang showing up. :)


The cover of Madonna's Borderline was pretty hot, too.

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That's a mighty big picture - I sent a copy to my mom back in Ohio.


It's the current wallpaper on my phone.


Your mom only wants that pic to put it behind the grandkids. Then she can say "that's my baby there - the grandchildren's father". But it's a better pic than I sent my mom - I sent her one of the gig photos of me with that blue flame shirt...




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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