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Studio System to `ractice/monitoring?


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Everybody know that plug-in a bass or mic into a home hifi system will burn the speakers in question of minutes.

So I have a pair of Alesis Monitor One reference monitors, with the Alesis RA100 power amp.

Can I monitor the record sessions (or practice) of bass/guitar/voices without blowing them?

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I've plugged mics and instruments into home hifi systems that came with a microphone input. I only played/sang at moderate volumes and never had a problem. Line level inputs are a different matter.


Your power amp probably isn't going to like the low-level signal if you just plug your bass into it. You'll have to crank the amp in order to be heard, and that may cause problems. Put a preamp in between and you should be ok; just make sure not to drive the system to distoration. (Start with the preamp at zero gain and slowly increase until you hear yourself.) I've never actually tried this myself.


They are monitors. They are built to monitor a recording session. Should be no problem there unless the signals you record are clipping (a lot).


Alex, robb., getz, et al may have a more informed opinion. I'd trust their judgement more than mine.

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Hey man...I dunno, I think it depends on how loud you intend to be. Live SR gear generally has protection mechanism's (like tweeter protection, etc.) built-in because things like feedback and unintended spikes happen with live sound. Your studio monitors do not have those protection mechanisms...they are designed for highly accurate output for mixing primarily and secondarily to monitor tracking. I use my studio monitors to track recording sessions when it's just me, but I wouldn't think of using them for live practice, etc.




Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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Well... thinking in rehearsals I´ll need more power to push a sequencer track with big bottom drums, against my bass and guit.r. I leave the Alesis to production.

Searching for a PA system I found a pair of Yamaha S15IV 300W into 8 ohms enclosures, 1x15+piezo with a cheap power amp.. My current 1x15 combo have 200W. So, I´m thinking to run my bass through a Sansamp, then to the PA cause those two 15" speakers and 600W of power seems to be more better than my dedicated bass amp and I´ll have a mini PA system for a pub show.

I´m right or not? Somebody run his bass to a 2x15 PA system?

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