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interesting new backing audio and portable recorder solution

Mark Schmieder

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I saw this new product from Alesis ridiculed in some forum last night, but can't find that post for doing a direct response, so may as well start a new topic in each of the three forums I participate in (Unicornation, Motiforum, Keyboard Corner).




It may seem gimmicky to some, and as stupid as some of those other overpriced "i"-prefaced add-ons such as the iBoomBox or whatever, but frankly I think Alesis has done a brilliant job of filling a void for those who need a dependable backing track solution and/or a portable recording solution.


They have managed to address the main problems of the iPod: Poor internal preamps; Dodgy/jiggly control wheel that could jump to the wrong track at a gig before you realise it; Micro-cable that could come loose or be tripped over; Issues with battery power at a long gig or long on-location field recording session, etc.) -- while simultaneously presenting a usable small-profile mixer and a cheaper alternative to those overpriced static memory devices. And all for a list price of only $499!

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Yes, Alesis has jumped on the bandwagon to further cause audiophiles to do a direct-to-follicle rip of their hair. ;)


Actually, I can really see this working for the same reason you mentioned above. This makes it a lot easier to add backing tracks and/or record a performance.


Mobile-recording companies--this is not a threat to your business model. The Rolling Stones will not do their next live recording with this set-up. :cool:





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