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Peavey Amp question


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Hey guys,


Years back I used to have one of those first Stereo Chorus amps that Peavey came out with. I'm talking the 80's.

I think it was called the STEREO CHORUS 400.

Here's one I Googled up.




Anyway, some of those amps used to be controlled with their channel switching by going into SERIES or PARALLEL.

You could combine the clean and the gain channels at the same time.


That was a cool effect and you could really dial in some good sounds. "Think guitar on Journey's-People you would want to know."


My question is: Are there any amps out there nowdays where you can combine both channels in one amp?





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Yeah I got a Peavey Deuce does the same thing, except its got a tube power stage and geez does it have some grunt!!....120 watts I do believe, and when its switched to series it totally sings !!

Never coma across a modern amp that combines the channels though.

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