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'54 Strat on Antiques Roadshow - #0047


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Dude from Alabama bought it 14 yrs ago for $3,000. They appraised it at $50 - $70K.


Nice investment! And BTW, that thing looked like it would play itself...

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there was this kid in Central City Nebraska Looking

through his Grandma's closet and found a 54 Strat!

I geuss the story is she was a singer in a country

band in the 50's and thought she should learn to

play guitar too. So she went to Deizt music in Lincoln(still open today on "o"street) and bought a brand new fender stratocaster.

she took it home and never learned to play.

It just sat in her closet in the case year after year.

she thought it might be worth a couple hundred.

they for over $50,000 in a silent auction.

What a find though.


there was an artical in the paper when it happened but

i can't find it.

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What was the guy's reaction when the value was announced? :grin:




The owner and the guy next to him just stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, mouths wide open like...HUH?! Then the owner started smiling from ear to ear. Guess I would be smiling too.

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Cool. Usually they have oriental vases or old Rococo clocks on that show, so I tend to avoid it, as neither of these items interest me. Does anyone know if they have a place where I can find out what's on in advance? I always liked the old woodworking, violins, pianos, and other such accouterments.
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To a pure player, you know it's worth a fraction of what it's currently valued at. It's incredible what things are worth after so many years. It's also incredible what people will pay to associate themselves with a 'name'. Here's a perfect example. Check the seller's name:




I own exactly the same guitar(2 years older) in pristine condition, and from watching others get auctioned off know that it wouldn't bring more than around $2000. Dave Davies got $22,000 for one a couple of years ago. Go figure. Better yet, go thru grandma's attic!



WUDAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again!!
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I saw that last night around 1am on the replay of the show. :freak:


That made my night! :D


This was a week or two ago... "A rare 1823 copy of the Declaration of Independence sold at auction for $477,650 by a man who found it last year in a Nashville thrift store for $2.48."


Actually, it was bought in a Madison thrift store. Despite being part of the metro gov't area, I do not live in Nashville. The thrift store is a mile and a half from my house. I could use a $400,000 payday. (His cut of the auction.) :freak:


It's amazing what people will pay for "vintage" items.

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I was lucky to experience a '54 Strat that my friend took in, then sold in his Guitar Center store. This was a one owner axe, in it's original case. It was in "almost" pristine condition. It had the original strap, string packets, and had about 30 3x5 cards the original owner has in the case, with the songs he had learned hand written on them! The case and axe were in unbelievably great shape. They bought it from the Gentleman's grandson, who apparently got it when the old fellow died. They paid him something like $20,000. And, it was sold within 2 hours for $60,000. This was about 3 to 4 years ago.


Amazing, isn't it!



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