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its been a while! but im here!


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hi guys! its me again! (finally back) ok since i learned alot of computer talk i understand what ur all saying. (please learn computer talk so u can understand what im saying too). well anyway, you guys probably wonder where i was for all that time... i was playing runescape! thats were i also learned cpu talk. im finally a lvl 55 with 39 maging exp. anyway, lets talk about the thing were supposed to be talking about... guitars! i learned alot of songe when i was gone too. ill name them from memory:


highway to hell

dirty deeds

a little bit of back in black (not much)

hard as a rock

smoke on the water

for those about to rock (we salute you)


there mostly ac/dc songs cause there my favorite band (except for smoke on the water). i also have 10 ac/dc cd's now! finally a bigger collection! well ill be waiting for replys cause im back and i cant wait... i might be a while answering because ill be gone to a friends birthday.

Brett, sonofazan 1
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runescape is only but the best multiplayer online game in the world. it lacks good graphics but u can do alot of stuff and its pretty well like life! im a lvl 55... tee-hee...


if you guys r playing it and you want to see me playing, put gumball323 on ur friends list

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