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Favorite headphones??


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I did a search in the guitar forum and nothing came up so here goes.


I practice with a fender champ, when it's too late to have it up loud I plug in a pair of headphones (bad ones!) Anyone have a great set of headphones for reproducing guitar sounds? I am particularly looking for good mid and bass response, as treble doesn't seem as hard to get.





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Yup, love the Sony headphone. Had a pair that I used for years, until my ferret ate them. He's no longer with us. (For a different reason though... ;) )


Did you eat the ferret?


Ferret on a stick!

Ferret Q bob!

Ferret Fondu?

Mashed Ferret???


Dish A String.....


LMAO :thu:



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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Yup, the Sony MDR/V6 or 7506 (same thing except the 7506 is sold through pro dealers & costs more for exactly the same unit,) is a great headphone, not so much because it's the ultimate in fidelity & accuracy, but because it reveals audible issues which otherwise would get past you on speakers. They have a nice bass bump which compliments music very pleasantly. They fold up nicely, come with a very useful carrying pouch, & are fairly comfortable for long periods of wear. It's the defacto standard in the pro audio world. I'd say 9 out of 10 touring sound engineers carry a set of these.


Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser
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