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Forcibly Unplugged


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My baby is broken!!!!!!!!!! My Ibanez electric, who was pretty cheap to begin with, finally decided that she didn't want to be electric anymore. In other words, the (forgive my lack of technical terms, I only know what I need to get by) input thingy has died. The thing that holds the end of the cable in place fell off, and the thing inside is loose. I think this happened last year during a tech theatre class, but I don't remember how Mr. Z fixed it. Anyways, until I get it fixed, I'm going acoustic. On the bright side, maybe this is a reason for me to save up for a Gibson...


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That is a very easy thing to fix...and at minimal cost even if you have to replace the jack and plate.

If you actually ripped the holding screws right out of the body...eh...a little more work, but no big deal.


If you open the back plate and look at it, you will see it's not that hard to fix.

If the guitar is without a back plate...then you need some long fingers/tools to get at it through the f holes...but any guitar shop can fix it 1-2-3...I'm sure. :thu:


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