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Any Youtube uploaders??


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I am trying to put together some bits to whack on youtube. So am playing around with a new Web Cam (Logitech Sphere/Orbit MP).


When I record it (in 640x480 to .wmv) the quality is fine on my HDD, but when I upload it, it goes pretty s$$$y. Some other people have uploaded videos with the same camera which are much better quality?? Anybody have any suggestions? When I put the resolution up, it goes too jerky...


Ignore the playing, Its just a test :-)




Also, do you have any suggestions on software to use with it? The Logitech stuff is pretty shonky.

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That's some fine fingerpicking there TOL. Shows me how much I have to learn.


(I can't figure out why I suddenly have an urge for a Guiness after watching that...)


I don't have any insight on the camera, just wanted to pay a compliment. I'm on a brand new mac with one of those cameras that are built into the monitor and the overall video quality seems similar to yours. Most of the videos I've watched on youtube seem to be about the same as or of much worse quality than your vid.

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I thought the quality was fine. If you are getting "jerky" video, and you know your computer is fast enough to handle video recording, then you probably need to defrag and shut down anything that's running.


Wait, I misread, you're saying that it's fine on your comp, but choppy after you upload it? I know that YouTube compresses the videos when they are uploaded. Could be that you are using the wrong FPS etc.

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Hey Trucks....I think I KNOW THAT SONG..........isn't it called;




I like that open tuning, good feel....atmospheric. And, I like the tone of your guitar.





"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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Thanks Guys.. I enjoy messing around in Open tuning.


Don, the guitar is recorded through an SM58 (which I just randomly sat in front of, no placement setup) which goes into a little mixer, I then put the left channel of the mixer through my Boss ME-50 with just Reverb on and ran the ME50 straight into the comp.... It sounds complicated im sure.. But beleive me... It was what was in front of me, I put little thought into the sound.


The mic in the camera sucks.


Warthog, its a Tanglewood TW-28/12STR-DLX, I wish it was a Taylor :-)


The camera though, I was expecting more from.. This was recorded with the same Cam



I obviously have to use a lower res than that guy because I am moving around... But still, the quality was not much worse than his is there, when it was on my HDD... I might try some different software, Im not really a fan of saving things in windows media format.. So I may give AVI a go.


If this is the best I can get out of it though.. i'm thinking of sending it back and getting a cheapish digital video recorder.

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Great! Just needs a bit more volume.


Thanks, yeah I noticed that... The software that comes with it, doesnt allow any editing whatsoever (hence the guiness lol). Does anybody know if you can record directly into something like Adobe Audition with a webcam and sound?


Cheers fumbles :-)

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I was goign to start Youtubing for a bit of fun anyway, but the reason I decided to do it now is this..


there is a competition to do a cover of John Butlers "Ocean" put it on Youtube, then the one John digs can have a jam/lesson with him. so i thought id stick up something. I went the route of playing it my way, so a little more bluesy than he plays it.. he does the playing really fast to a climax at the end thing.. I did a kind of rambling up n down thing which comes to a slow stop. (I was also a bit mashed)


Anywhoooooo check it out, because I think it also gets judged on how many views, comments etc you get :)




All the other cats either did exact copies of how he played it one time (he improvises it) or, another dude, did what looks like a "best of", where he learned all the best bits out of a bunch of versions and put them together (but he is a guitar teacher ffs). So i think my way is unique, at least, if not the best :-)

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Yes video is always a shocker in a few ways mate. We play 5 a side each week and it has video cameras and we watch the game back after it having a pint and god i am so slow and i think i am running at full tilt and covering a lot of ground. How wrong am I....


Lucky you dont pull too many stupid guitar faces, I like a big grimace when concentrating hard on the guitar, my other half laughs her t!ts off at me, thankfully no video record of it !!! :)



Love life, some twists and turns are more painful than others, but love life.....



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haha thanks. Check out Burlot2's rendition... Nearly flawless execution (apart from an edit halfway through, which I think is cheating a little). But this guy can play.



I guess it will depend on what they are looking for, perfect reproduction, or adaptation and interpretation. I can play it the way JB does (albeit not as well), no doubt about it (ADDED: I mean I can, if I sat down and learned to :) ), but I decided to do it my way. We will see if I made the right decision :-)

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