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chromatic glissando help - The Logical Song

Mike Pearson

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I'm trying to play The Logical Song. In the bass, there is:


C . . . G Ab A Bb . .


And there's some chords going on in the right hand.


This should be easy! But I'm finding that my the fingers of my left hand are getting caught up, whatever fingering I use. I'm using semi-weighted electro 2 and a synth weighted Edirol controller.


Note that it's supposed to sound like a bit of a pitch bend from G to Bb - listen to the first few seconds of the actual song to hear what I mean.


Any hints? I've only been playing for a year or so, go easy :)

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Remember that glissando is done on the bass on the recording. The wurlitzer player is just doing 'rhytmic octaves' on the right hand, and bass player does a slide. You're just getting an approximation of what the bass player is doing. Anyways, I do the G-Bb as 4-3-2-1 on my left hand...

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Here's a third alternative for that G-Bb run: 4-3-1-2.


Unlike Kanker's suggestion, this allows you to avoid having to use the same finger twice given the speed of the run. And, unlike Rod's suggestion, it allows you to avoid having to stretch your thumb to reach the Bb only to have to lift that same thumb to play the C that follows closely thereafter.


Ultimately, however, it's whatever works best for you. Practice it a few different ways and see what feels most comfortable. Also, as with all sections of a piece of music giving you difficulty, practice it s-l-o-w-l-y with an emphasis on steady rhythm and then work you way up to speed as it gets more comfortable.





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