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Tone is in the hands


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And part of it's in the feet, too, which we use to stomp on the pedals, and the necks of our guitar rivals......


And part of it's in our hips, which we sway in order to sway the audience.


Regarding any other anatomical speculations, I will defer to my distinguished colleagues!

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Tone is in the notes. Literally, a tone is a note. ;)


Of course the word has been lifted to mean timbre for so long it's now accepted as a synonym for timbre when in reality, it's not.


A teacher of mine always derided people for using the word "tone" in this manner. He railed against amps and EQ's with tone controls. He'd say, "That's a tone control? I don't think so. A tone control would be a key on a piano or your fingers on a guitar, etc. That's a timbre control." He wasn't fooling himself though. He also taught us the audio facts of life, the most important one being that you can't usually teach a musician, singer or producer proper vocabulary in the studio. They won't listen to most knowledgeable people and it will just cost you business. But when you speak, and you know better, you should be as precise as possible to get the desired results from others. :thu:

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