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How is the Korg CX-3?


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original issue meaning the 80's CX-3 or a 'New' model w/Version 1 software and key lip as opposed to a new model w/version 2 software and no key lip.


You may also find a version2 with a key lip that had the software upgraded to version 2 or an old version which has been upgraded to version2 -and- had a keybed upgrade to a non-lipped keybed also.....


The Version 1 'new' CX-3 is very good but you have to really pull back the high end treble in the patches more so than on a version 2. In Ver2 they adjusted the drawbar eq curves to tame them. It could get very 'harsh'. But it did give it a scream factor so they made it a drawbar switch option in ver 2 software on the patch level. 'Mellow' and 'Normal' or something to that affect. Also ver 2 has a new 'Dark Reverb' selection which alot of players preferred over the other verbs. The key lip was almost a non issue for me on my old ver1, just gotta be alittle more careful on slides and smears. There were a few other improvements in ver 2 software also......


A Ver. 1 CX-3 is still a Very Very good Cloan even by today's standards! Just the Sim. alone is worth it! Just pull the treble way down in the patches! A ver1 or ver2 CX-3 have pretty much the same 'Vibe' factor and that's what's important! It is an older piece of gear though, the CX-3 motherboards can get 'flaky' with time, so just be aware of that! Really without a real Leslie it's a very good option! In some rooms I preferred the CX-3's Leslie Sim to Motion Sound gear!


The creamyest and ballsiest cloan IMO is still a Voce V5. I used it with my MS gear and it was very very good. A better sound I think than a CX3, XK-3 or a Clavia. . . just setting up my 'chain' was such a pain in the neck.


Midi into V5>into Boss Bass EQ (to bring out the highs)>Ronnie Ball Vol. Pedal>Alesis PicoVerb> MotionSound Amp. (I would have liked to add my Speakeasy Preamp set up for 1/4" too, I tried it a few times)


a pain in the butt, if one cable went bad it was 'hell on wheels'

That's why I re-bought a CX-3 ver2, I had a version 1 CX-3 and sold it for a XK-3. I use my XK-3 for recording and big gigs with a 145 Leslie! The Sim. on the XK3 wasn't working for me without a Leslie, it was just 'OK' with the MS stuff like the CX-3 was!



But, really - for Blues and Rock and Jazz organ also I feel the V5 is the best of all of them in terms of the 'pure' drawbar sound and it's girth! The persussion and C/V are just 'ok' on it!


just get the CX-3, it's a groove!





SP6, CP-50,YC 73,  FP-80, PX5-S, NE-5d61, XK-3, CX-3, Yamaha YUX Upright, '66 B3/Leslie 145/122

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The original CX3 is worth checking out if you want/need a simple organ clone. I heard one a few months ago and it still has a decent sound.


Unlike the later model, there are not many presets, 1 set of drawbars and you have to tune it manually. Otherwise, it is a good sim. :cool:





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