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Help with USB/MIDI conversion


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Hello all

I have a Yamaha DGX-505 keyboard that only has one "B type" USB port (the larger USB out that goes to a computer) and no MIDI ports. I don't know a heck of a lot about conversions but is there a USB to MIDI converter that accepts the A-type USB port(i.e, a port like on a PC) so I can convert to MIDI to MIDI out to something else? Basically I am trying to convert USB to MIDI.

Thanks for any help.


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You can convert MIDI to USB and then the computer has an appropriate software driver to translate the USB data back to MIDI. So MIDI device to computer. The DGX goes directly to a computer with no MIDI converter.


But I don't think you can do it in reverse because there's no USB host driver in the DGX to convert the signal back.


The only solution I can think of is for the computer to output the MIDI out itself to another MIDI port.


Perhaps you're trying to turn the DGX into a MIDI controller and thus it seems that's not doable. Yamaha probably did this intentionally since the DGX-505 is for the home market.



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