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Has anyone had experience with these?


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This site was written by a VERY unhappy customer





And here's some mandolin reviews that discuss the company's customer suppport column.




And here's some more glowing ( ;) ) reviews. Google's just full of alarm bells.



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Man, Vince, the closeup of those inlays looks like it was done in a high school art class. ANYTHING sold on Ebay that comes out of Asia, unless it is from a reputable company (Reverend, for instance) is suspect. Gosh, the $.99 starting bid and $135 on shipping gives it away. This stuff is 99.99% junk. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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Yeah, to be absolutely fair, the "warning" sites could have been put up by some shonky competitors and the photographs might be of some other guitar. And by the same token, the positive feedback for Antonio Tsai might have been put there by some kid on an internship.


But yeah... it all sounds pretty risky and I wouldn't go near it. If a guy is not going to use correct English on his ad, are you going to trust the rest of his craftsmanship..?

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