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great playing


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no wonder I don't know

I haven't listened to very much classical or jazz.

But i would like to start

looks like I have a starting point

i like to start with the best

thanks for the info ellwood


Ps my daughter go to school in a small town named elwood.

used to live there. now i live 10 miles away but she still

goes to school there.


Why do you lay down? I say that it beats standing up! whats got you feeling so down? I hold up my empty cup!
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Thanks for posting that, Gifthorse! :thu: :thu:


But I'm kicking myself for not being at that performance! :rolleyes:


Ralph Emery tried reviving his tv career at the same time I began working for Opryland USA. In fact, I attended one of those shows when my boss, Mike Snider (whose career as a musical comedian began on Ralph's long time previous talk show, Nashville Now) played one of the very first airings of The Ralph Emery Show. It was broadcast every morning from the Conservatory gardens in the Opryland Hotel. For some reason it failed and was pulled that same year, IIRC.


I can't believe I could've seen Chet, Albert and James play together for free, right in my own backyard. :freak:


This picture of James was taken about 400ft. from where that clip was shot, only 9 years later. ;)



It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Wow, I am sure you see alot of great players down thier Neil.


As for choosing those 5 as the greats of the 20th cent, I only chose them based upon how huge thier impact was on other generations of players.


Of course there are MANY MANY amazing players from all of those eras. Earl Klugh being one of them. I heard some Earl not to long ago that blew my mind. His fingerstyle is so advanced.


Allan Holdsworth is another, of course he was a super innovator, but did he effect the masses like Chet Atkins? I dunno.

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