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OT: O.K., Austinites!

Chad Thorne

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(MILLO, I'm lookin' at you!)


My son Josiah - Cy - is finishing up his audio engineering program in Boston in early May and is going to Austin. If any of you folks down there would be willing to maybe be a contact for him, give him a pointer or two about where to live, where to find opportunities to do audio engineering (not necessarily music!), etc. I('d consider it a real favor. PM me or email at tx0990@yahoo.com if you'd be willing to help. Thank you!


- Cy's Doting Dad



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Tsup? Wow... here there is a need for live sound everywhere. Might want to check out some studios like The Bubble, 5th Street Studios... google or spend a few hours researching myspace. Even local TV--Fox has its own local news shows, produced locally. Also check out venues like Ruta Maya, Cactus Café, maybe One World Theater, UT's various auditoriums like Bass Concert HAll and Hogg auditorium. Austin might be as saturated with musicians and hopeful musicians (especially guitarists) as with audio engineers. However, there are local sound companies... there's one owned by the guy that for a long time (I'm not sure if he's still doing it) did the sound at Ruta Maya, I forgot his name... anyhow, they're really into what they do, and as I said that guy has a good reputation here. I'm really not well-connected at all, but I'll send you a PM that hopefully will be helpful.

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