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OT: I'm off to Maui...


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This is for the FYI and if anyone cares catagory...


My sister is getting married on the beach in Maui on Friday so Robin and I are off to join her for a few days. We leave tomorrow and come back the following Tuesday. We are both ready for a break but not the flight. It will be our first - and probably only - trip to the islands. Beach side condo, lots of laying around, etc.


Robin's mom is coming to stay with Grace, get her to daycare, and I'm sure spoil her a little. It's going to be hard to leave her, but coming back will be that much better.


See you next week.






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Maui? Bastardo!


You better bring us back Ukuleles!!! All of us! Lots and lots of Ukuleles.





Fretless ones, just to make it interesting.





Have a great time. I note that you also married a 'Robin'. Me too. How cool is that?



Tim from Jersey

Play. Just play.
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Just about the nicest place I've ever been (and I've been to a few places).


Have a great time. Remember, don't wear one of these around your neck when you enter the surfing competition: :thu:



Push the button Frank.
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