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Well i'm new to all this but got a daughter who is into keyboards and the said daughter has just brought a BONTEMPI PM 746 keyboard, but she got no manual with it, so she doesn't know what all of the keys do.

Could any help me find where to get a manual or some contact details for bontempi. their web site doesn't seam to do anything and i simply an stuck at finding any where to download a manual.

many thanks

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These folks seem to be in the Bontempi business and may be able to help you out:


Email (sales@wdgreenhill.com) for a price and availability on any service or owners manual or phone / fax +44 (0)1702 546195


Good luck and welcome to the forum. :cool:





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Hi DES_1001,

Should your manual not arrive, which is unlikely, but one never knows, get back to me and I can help.

We bought a PM 746 for our son recently. He loves it.

The only annoying thing is that it comes with a joystick port cable for connection to a PC, but most modern computer don't have such a 15-pin socket anymore, so I'll havbe to go out and buy an adapter or different cable for USB or PS/2.

Should anyone know what would be best and cost least, would you let me know please. Many thanks.

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