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Looks like the Nord Lead 4 might be coming...


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Haha, it's the "U-Ctrl" smiley from the still-unreleased CME USB MIDI keyboard controllers :-).


I wonder if this will be based on the NL3, the NL1&2, or something entirely new?


I'm still ticked off over my stolen NL3 because of all of my lost programs. There are no NL3's in stores anymore or even at Winter NAMM, so if I see an NL4 in a store and it is similar enough, I might be able to talk a salesperson into letting me download my SysEx long enough to write down my missing parameters :-).


No way would I buy one though. I'm all soft synths these days and there's no turning back. The only hardware synth I kept was the Oberheim OB12, which I suspect will grow in value over time as more and more people become aware of its unique capabilities (it suffered in the stores from having bad presets).

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My guess is that it will be some hybrid of various Nord Leads (perhaps the sounds/features from NL2x and NL3), possibly with some modular capabilities. Pretty sure it will be the NL4, but I guess we find out for sure tomorrow.
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This from the home page of Clavia's website:


"Clavia reveals the future at Musikmesse!

At this years Musikmesse show in Frankfurt, opening Wednesday the 28 of March, Clavia will show a glimpse of what the future holds for the next generation of lead synthesizers. This is an unique and once in a life time opportunity to hear the classical virtual analog synthesizer taken to the next level. Book your flight tickets now!"


* * * * * * * * *


Glad we don't have to wait too long to find out the answer.



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It's not Nord Lead:




Based on a legacy of VA synths for almost 15 years, CLavia takes the next generation of lead synths to the next level. Introducing the Nord Wave, you now have all the sounds you want in a classical synthesizer setup.


The name says it all really. By introdducing the oscillator to wave-forms not just single wavetablr style waveforms, but complete user defined, keyzone and multi layered sampled wavefowrms, while keeping the full VA circuitry intact, Clavia has onze again opened a new dimention and brought new live to the world of synthesizers


Use any audio snip you like. If it can be saves as a standard wav file, it can be used as a sound source for toye synthesizer. You now have the full expressiveness of the classic analog synthesizer combined with sample technology availible at your fingertips.


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More info about the Nord Wave

(copied from Dutch board):


Here is what I was told by Clavia in Frankfurt:


What is sure about the Nord Wave model shown in Frankfurt:


1) What is shown in Frankfurt is an alpha model, meaning that all specifications are still subject to change. Some knobs and functions might disappear and/or extra knobs and functions might be added in a later stage of development.


What is sure about the concept:


1) It is a fully fledged live synthesizer, not just a sampler or rompler.


2) It has two slots.


3) The second oscillator can be configured as a standard oscillator with standard waveforms, or as a wavetable oscillator, or as an oscillator playing samples. These samples can be multilayered and assigned to keyzones.

Oscillator two behaves as an oscillator, even when playing wavetables or samples. So, modulations using wavetables and samples are possible, just like when standard waveforms would be used. The sound of oscillator two will be mixed with oscillator one and then be routed through the filter, envelope VCA, tone control and through the EFX section.

The wavetable functions and sample functions are still under development, the aim being to make them as dynamic as possible. The Shape modulation function for oscillator two is still under development and there are many possible ways to let the Shape parameter dynamically influence both wavetables and samples. The final choice will be for the musically most useable type of modulation that will fit the computational resources of the hardware. What it will be is not yet decided.


4) Wavetables and samples can be downloaded by USB and stored in flash memory. It is not decided yet how much flash memory will be in the synthesizer. A simple editor program plus a library of stock samples will be supplied by the Nord Wave. The editor program will import .wav files, so there is no limit to the type of sounds that one can put in the Nord Wave sample store memory.


5) The amount of voices is still undecided, as this depends largely on the final optimization phase of the processor code.


6) There are four morph groups. There will be a facility to record morphing over some time, imagine to press a record button, start tweaking e.g. the modwheel and then press a record button or stop button to stop recording. Then the modwheel movements can be replayed, controlling all knobs that are assigned to be morphed by the modwheel. This morph record function is still under development, so it is not yet decided how it will finally work, but it will be something like this description.


7) No LED-ring knobs. LED-ring knobs are quite expensive and by not using them the Nord Wave will be much cheaper. Instead, the sonic possibilities are much increased. This way the Nord Wave is the perfect step up from the Nordlead 1 and 2 or similar synthesizers.


Aim to start production is somewhere next summer.


Some more definite Clavia news:


The Nordlead 3 is out of production, due to RoHS issues. Some parts, like the display, did not comply with the new RoHS regulations, so it cannot be sold anymore in a big part of the world. The Nord Wave is not a remake of the Nordlead 3, it is in fact a new concept and the start of a new product line. The Nordlead 2X will remain in production and so will the three octave G2 and the G2 Engine. When G2X stock is sold out there will probably no new production run for the G2X.


The retail price of the Nord Wave is as yet undecided, it will probably be somewhere between the price of the Nordlead 2X and the three octave G2, but new features might still be added to the Nord Wave that could influence the final price.

The Nord Wave borrows some features from the Nordlead 3, like the Unison mode, but has many extra features when compared to the Nordleads, like the wavetables, samples and the built in FX, tone control and tube overdrive emulation. The tone control can make it sound with a sharper bite or instead warmer and more mellow as the Nordleads. The delay and reverb sound very natural and lively, the tube overdrive emulation has a real nice grunge. This gives the Nord Wave a much wider and more controllable tonal character as the Nordleads. And when using samples much will depend on the samples used, of course.


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