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O/T Gone with the wind.


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Hey, check this out.


Once I was playing a dive Honky Tonk back in the middle 80's with a country band I knew and their guitar player had left them so I was helping them out a little.


It was about 11pm and I took a solo on some song and the singer walked over by me and RIPPPPPPED ONE!! :(


Man, it was so BAD...I couldn't even remember what I was playing and had to cut short! hahahahaha

I was stuck to a 18 foot cable but the stage was small and I had nowhere to go.

THe dance floor was full so I didn't want to make us look stupid. :grin:


Little did I know, the guy had tied on a big drunk the night before and then had Mexican before he came to the gig that night. :(


Geez...the crap we do for our music. I should've been given a medal of valor that night. :grin:



"Just play!"
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