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Peavey Windsor


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Anyone had a chance to try one of these yet (combo or head, I don't really care)?


I saw one at GC, but haven't had a chance to go rock out on it yet. Besides, their staff at the store near here is a little amplifier retarded. As far as their concerned, a Fender is better if only because it costs more. (Not all GCs are that way, just this one.) Anyway, Just curious if anyone knew anything about them. They seem like a good alternative, the poor man's JTM45.

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AFAIK, the only Windsor combo is the Windsor Studio and I don't think its available yet -- the last date I heard was May.


The Studio is the 15 watt class A amp with the built-in powersoak, more like a poorman's ($400) compressor-less version of a Princeton Recording than anything else. I'm dying to try one out as a practice amp for when the kiddies are asleep.



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Face in the direction of Guitar Center and pay yer respects...5 times daily. :P :grin:

All followers should visit Guitar Center at least once in their lifetime.

Sometimes I go there and face the HUGE Wailing Wall of guitars!

Only by going there...will you receive... ENLIGHTENMENT. :grin:



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