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How do I buy tubes?


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This is probably a very simple question, but I'm a newbie at the whole electric thing, so forgive me.


How do I buy tubes?


I "went electric" a few months ago. Part of my rig is a Peavey Classic 50 410 which I am really loving. But I always read things like "you should never go to a gig without spare tubes". So, I've been pushing my luck for a few months now, but maybe that should change.


If I understand it right, my Peavey has 3 12AX7s in the pre-amp and four EL84 power tubes (don't think that I actually know what that means...I just read the specs).


SO...what's a guy to do? Do I buy a complete new set of premium after-market tubes just because that's the thing to do? Do I get one of each as spares? If I do that, and one blows at a gig, how will I know which one went? Is it really practical to swap out a tube during a show? Last, what is biasing, and do my tubes need to be matched in a way that I need to be aware of?



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I buy my tubes from him and he's great. Good prices too. He'll work with you to find a set that works well with your amp.


Otherwise, you can get Groove Tubes at most Guitar Center-style places. They're good.

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Bob at Eurotubes IS the man and JJ's tubes they sell sound great!!


The tubes are fantastic quality, they have a great selection, and Bob is very nice on the phone.


He'll sit there and talk to you for a while. He just that kind of guy. :)


Go online to http://www.eurotubes.com and the website is very intuitive.


They separate them by AMPLIFIER brand & model, then they give you a selection of tubes and each one is explained as to what kind of sound it has.


For example:

I bought a full set of tubes from them for my Carvin Nomad 1/12.

Bob educated me on the phone while I was online at their site, I then settled on the ECC83's blues tubes for my preamp and then the corresponding power amp tubes.

Just that simple!

I bought all my tubes for like $83.00 I think. That's not bad!! :)


Anyway, I've got MANY friends that buy all their tubes through them as well and all are very happy!


You can't go wrong.



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Yeah I did, only I can't recall what he set me up with. Give him a call, he'll discuss what kind of volumes you play at, what kind of break up you are looking for, etc...


He did an awesome job on my Blues Junior retube (no rebiasing required), I liked it much better afterwards.


I ordered one of his retube kits for my Blues Deluxe and found I preferred the stock Groovetube set up, as the relacement kit broke up a little early (even after rebiasing), and I went back to the stock ones. To give him credit, I didn't call him and tell him what I was looking for, just bought a kit off his site.

But I do have a pretty decent back up set now!

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Well, I got off the phone with Bob a little bit ago. Real good guy...very helpful and patient with a complete newbie like me. I should have a new set of tubes in a few days.


I'll let you know the results.

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Well tubes came today. I just got them in.


First impression: Huge improvement in tonal quality. I'm not sure I have the right words to describe it, so lets just say "better" and leave it there.


I can't wait until we play on Saturday so I can really see how the amp sounds with the band. At the moment, this seems like $68 well spent.

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Yeah, I'm in "Full Reverse". We are playing at O'Connors in the Old Market on May 4th and 5th.


I'll be the guy playing the Lucille. Stop up and say hello if you get a chance to come by.

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Well, here's the followup to the followup.


We just finished seven hours of rehersal. The Classic 50 with the new JJ's in it absolutely sounded great. Even our drummer commented.


I don't really understand the vocabulary of electric guitar tone, so I'm not sure how to describe it. What struck me was how everything stayed clean and musical all the way up. At one point, we were really cranking. I had it turned up to 12 all the way across. Before, it would have sounded a little ragged. With the new tubes from Eurotube, it sounded great.


Totally delighted with the result!

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Get them from Lord Valve.



NBS Electronics

230 South Broadway

Denver, CO 80209-1510


This is not spam I get all my tubes from him so do a lot of professionals. Like Derek Trucks. Just give him a call and tell him what you need them for he will help you out.


Just to be clear I am not Lord Valve and cut and pasted information from his email catalog which he will email if you ask. :blush:


The number is 303-778-1156; we open at 1:30 PM Denver (Mountain)

time, and stay open until we're sick o' the joint...usually, some

time between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM


Hope this is not too specific is so I apologize, as he usually has some nice NOS if you want to go that way. There are also lots of others that have good stuff and will help you out.

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