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New Fish


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I visit the Ft Lauderdale on a regular basis..my brother who is a guitar player lives there and works steady in that area..

we always visit MAE music in Davie..

its a good shop..privately owned and they have a very nice bass dept and pro staff.


This bass, which is a Fodera NYC Empire bass has been hanging on the rack for three years in various states of minor disrepair -(loose wire,dead battery,broken sting)


On my last visit (Feb 07)it was buried deep in the dead corner of the bass dept..way out of reach of the public...

I did get it down and could not get it work..when I returned to NY I emailed the store for pricing..they replied with an offer I could not pass on shipped with a new gig bag..

I purchased it and took it to Fodera for a once over..

They tweaked a few things and its working perfectly..I got it home and cleaned it and restrung it.


Fodera made a small batch in 96 and 97 and discontinued due to the high production costs.

Fodera in once again making this style in a 5 string version. I did get a chance to play a 5 string at the Fodera shop and they are beautiful basses..they offer a few wood / color types and use a Fodera Pre with Aero Pickups...


The bass is alder with a maple top,

Controls are Master Volume - push pull pot, passive - active / Blend / Bass / Treble.

Ebony fingerboard

Lane Poor pickups

Hip Shot D Tuner

It weighs just about 9.5 lbs. and was built in 1996.


For the Jazz Bass fans, this is a great bass..

A+ construction and an excellent sounding pre amp


Heres a few pix...













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Nice find. If it had a butterfly on the headstock it wouldn't have stayed at the store 6 months. It's gorgeous, the color of envy.


saxofunk... I agree..if that bass had the butterfly or Fodera on the headstock it would have been gone in a snap..

the new Fodera 5 strings have both



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How does it feel compared to your (a-hem) other Fodera? this looks like it would be soo smoooooth.


I'm gonna have to come over and buy a 4 string to help you out....




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Thank you all..


I am really liking the Bartolini pre and Lane Poor pickups... its not a powerful pre and you can crank the treble or bass to 10 and its still usable..not brittle sounding... it will be at the next gathering...


the tru test will be when I hear it through Getz's

Aguilar DB359 and the Berg HT322...





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