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Music Man 210-65 vs. 210HD-130


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Nope it doesn't alter the tone on them at all, it only makes the break up happen at a higher level on the 130, I have used these amps ..both of them at different times. These are the rental amps that University Sound in Ann Arbor Mi. supply to most of the bands when they work stages that all the equipment is supplied. I've liked both amps but I think I prefer the 65, all the amps where always miked anyway and I could hear the 65 as well on stage as I could the 130...but both great amps and are allot like the Fender Twin.
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I sold a lot of equipment when I quit playing professionally, but the MM 65 head is the one amp I couldn't sell. I built a reverb unit, stuck in different preamp ICs, and run it through a Peavey cab with a pair of 12" speakers when needed. The dual volume feature made it perfect for most live situations. In a world of amps,(for me) there's nothing more needed. Regarding the original question, Ellwood is right. Same front end, just more output.


Best, Paul

WUDAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again!!
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